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  • Biased Anti-Tesla Headline

    Posted on February 26th, 2021 admin No comments

    Deceptive and biased headlines are a nuisance, and Tesla motors still seems to get more than it’s due share of negative press, driven by short-sellers, market bulls, and manufacturers of ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicles.

    Read this headline: Tesla to recall 135,000 vehicles under pressure from safety regulators

    To my mind, this headline makes it appear that

    1. Only Tesla vehicles were involved
    2. Tesla was reluctant and had to be “pressured” to do the recall.
    Tesla Model Y – Tesla Motors

    When you read the article, which seem to be largely factual, you learn that

    • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) had found a “tentative” issue with touchscreen failures;
    • Tesla “agreed immediately” on the same day of being advised of the recall;
    • “Other automakers issued numerous recalls for similar safety issues stemming from the touchscreen failure”.
    • Even if the touchscreen fails, you can continue to drive your vehicle, Tesla or otherwise, by using the mirrors and doing shoulder-checks (duh, like most of us do!)

    So why the biased headline? Why the focus on Tesla? Why make it sound like the company had to be “pressured” to do the recall?

    Chain of Ownership

    Well, let’s dig a bit… Driving Magazine is part of PostMedia, which is owned by Chatham Asset Management, a right-leaning New Jersey corporation said to have close ties to the Republican party, which denies climate change and heavily supports fossil fuels.

    So it is quite possible that Driving has an agenda from the top, accounting for their high proportion of anti-Tesla headlines.

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