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  • Nanny’s Petit Point Flowers

    Posted on March 22nd, 2021 admin No comments

    A Family Heirloom

    We had found them in a box of Nanny’s effects. Flowered treasures of the past housed in cheap, splintered wooden frames with peeling varnish and covered with ordinary window glass. Each petit-point embroidery showed a still-life: an antique vase with an arrangement of imaginary flowers and leaves in a cascade of colors above and alongside the vase.

    How long ago had my wife’s grandma Wesley (Nanny to five generations) laid down those delicate stitches? How many years to fade those bright colors to pastels? The age of the frames and the faded cloth suggested that it might have been in her youth or the early days of her marriage. According to Nanny’s only surviving daughter, they had been “on the walls forever”. Fifty, sixty, seventy years?

    Roses in a vase - Petit Point | modern-art
    This isn’t Nanny’s, but hers were like this. Photos to follow soon.

    We removed the old frames and had the embroidery dry-cleaned. We had hoped to have them set in oval frames, but the cloth was too stained on one and too short on the other, so had to use the same rectangular framing as the old ones.

    So, with new mats and frames, covered with museum glass to prevent further fading, they flower now on our wall, a memory of a gracious lady and a gift to generations to come.

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