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    Modern Square Dancing combines light exercise with music, fun and friendship.

    Tom calling at Yuma,   AZ

    Tom calling at Yuma, Arizona - 100th Anniversary Festival

    It's the perfect activity for gatherings such as

    • Weddings (Rehearsals, Receptions)
    • Youth Group Activities
    • Sunday School Picnics
    • Church Socials
    • Corporate Parties
    • Team-Building Exercises
    • Family Reunions
    • Phys. Ed. Classes
    • Camp-outs
    • Dance Parties

    No complicated footwork to learn -- You'll be on the floor and dancing in the first five minutes.img002

    By the end of the session, you'll be surprised (and pleased) at how many moves you can do and how well you can dance -- and at how much fun you've had!

    For adults, teens & families age 8 and up.

    For bookings eMail Tom.Gray.Caller@shaw.ca



    Tom has called in California, Arizona, Montana, and throughout Alberta for clubs, conventions, street dances, cultural events, and campouts.  He enjoys the energy and enthusiasm of square dancers, and as a former teacher, especially appreciates working with youth.Favorite

    He began calling two years after he started square dancing, but didn't get serious about it until retirement gave him more time to get involved.  For a while, he kept a  log of where and when he had called, but after five years and over 1200 squares --that's close to  10,000 dancers -- he stopped keeping the log.  Probably should have kept it up, but there's only so much time in a week....

    He and wife Dawn take a fifth wheel to events, whether a square dance camp-out, a caller school, or a weekend convention.  Home away from home whether they're training, dancing, or calling.



    Licensed to Play:  SoCan  92076450-00-07

    For bookings

    eMail: Tom.Gray.Caller@shaw.ca

    Text: 780-718-2733

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