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Thoughts, news and information about the world as seen through RV windows
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    About the Site

    You’re here and reading this — thanks for visiting!

    RVing Here and There started out as a site about RVing (and using my RV for square dancing and family history).   Now it’s about pretty much anything that strikes my fancy!

    One early preview suggested that it be called RoVing Here and There,an idea that I liked except that people search for RV and RVing more than for Roving.  It’s one of those situations where a clever title for a print publication might not work so well on the Internet.

    The blog came about when a now-dead online writing site called Suite101 began closing down their Feature Writer blogs. I thought it might take a long time for this one to get rolling.  However, there were almost 15, 000 hits  in the first month the blog has been live, which strikes me as being just fine.


    PS:  Now, if only I can attract better advertisers so my Adsense revenue continues to climb… gotta look into affiliate marketing, and get my eBooks together and available for sale…  Stay tuned!

    About the Author

    I’ve been RVing since my wife and I converted an old VW bus into a camper in 1977 (we tucked our baby into a hammock slung up by the roof!).  Since then, we’ve traveled in another van, a pop-up, a Trillium ultralight, and a hybrid (expandable) trailer; we are currently in our second fifth-wheel.

    The author

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    In January and February of 2011, we took our first flight as “snowbirds”, enjoying warmer temperatures and a lack of snow in Nevada, Arizona and California.

    Of course, I write about a lot more than RVing and camping.   Hobbies of Family History, Square Dancing & Calling, Robotics, Electronics, Cycling,  3D printing and more have posts in this blog.

    For more information about me and my work, check my writer’s profile at suite101.com (hmm, that may be gone now) where I was for some years the RV Feature Writer. [Sorry, these links are suspended and the suite101 domain has been sold.]

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