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  • Tours by Gayle: Palm Springs Life Tour

    Posted on March 22nd, 2012 admin 1 comment

    Today we took a tour of the area organized by Gayle King (not Oprah’s friend, another one). The usual bus tour thing, I guess.

    We traipsed by some historical celebrity homes (the Rat Pack, Hope, Crosby, Liz Taylor, Elvis, that generation).  For all we know, the tour guide made everything up--what do we know?--but it was entertaining.

    Up across the San Andreas Fault to the White Water Preserve, a beautiful spot where we got to admire huge trout in the ponds, and get more closely acquainted with various ducks and lizards.

    Off to Pioneer Town, which according to our guide was created in the 1940s by Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and other cowboy stars as a full-sized outdoor set and sleeping accommodations for western movies and TV shows.  While we were there, we had a BBQ supper at Pappy & Harriet's Western Saloon.

    Back to Palm Springs via the acres of windmills that catch the wind funneled through the San Gorgonio Pass.  The tour guide pumped us full of facts and figures, historical and scientific, as we drove by.

    Ended our tour at downtown Palm Springs for the Thursday Street Fair.  We had an hour, just barely enough to hustle the six blocks of vendors and make a couple of purchases.

    We ended the beautiful balmy evening sitting outside on one the two balconies in our suite, reading, chatting, and sipping cool drinks.

    Our son says there's six inches of fresh snow back home.  Ha!


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      Mike I got a message from a writer for the desert sun who knows I am familiar with much info on vortices. The Desert Sun wants to do an article on your tour to the desert Vortex. Call me & give me your number so I can give it to her. Great publicity for you!
      Barbara (The Westin).

      we met when you were at the Westin. Call soon @ (760) 200-5122.
      I know your busy like the rest of us but you don’t want to lose this opportunity for getting your name out you lucky guy.

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