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  • Go RVing Canada Adds Problematic Reader Blog

    Posted on August 9th, 2011 admin No comments

    Following on their “Take Your Best Shot” photo contest, Go RVing Canada has started a Reader Blog

    "It's a place where RV enthusiasts from across Canada can map their favourite parks and share adventures," says their newsletter.  "If you've had a great RVing experience, add it to the comments section for others to read."

    Note that "map their favorite parks" part.  This refers to  interactive map that locates the topic of each blog post., which is a nice idea and seems to work okay.

    Yet the blog as I found it when I checked this morning has a couple of what I perceived as serious problems.

    1. THERE IS NO WAY TO POST!  Yup, there is exactly one post for each province, with no way to add new posts.
    2. Visitors are allowed to comment on those existing posts, but BEWARE!  Comments cannot be edited or deleted (all comments are moderated before publication, so I asked another comment to have both my comments removed)

    So for now, don't bother trying to post at an unpostable blog that won't let you edit or delete your own comments.   I'll update this once I hear from Go RVing Canada.


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