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  • Repairing Bunk Door Latches on a Hybrid Trailer

    Posted on July 25th, 2011 admin No comments

    I’m doing a version of this for my RV column on Suite101, so the full directions are there.  However, since Suite101 allows only five images with an article, I've included all the photos here, along with some additional commentary.  This is the first of two parts; the second part is Repairing a T-Handle Hybrid Bunk Door Latch

    1. A view of the handle. Unfortunately, you can't really see how the wood is bending in this photo.  A close look shows that the base of the handle has moved away from the wood, though, a possible path for moisture.

    1. These T-Handles were working loose because their mount was bending










    2. Inside - a view of the latch that holds the bunk closed (shown in closed position)

    2. A view of the latch in closed position








    3. The latch has been removed and the handle bolt sticks up.  the plastic washer will come off next.

    3. The latch removed prior to removing the T-handle

    3. The latch removed prior to removing the T-handle








    4.  The deep socket is necessary to fit over the bolt to remove the nut that holds the T-handle onto the outside of the bunk door.  I took a photo looking down in the hole to show how the handle was fastened in, but it didn't really show what it needed to.  Delete!

    4. Using the 1-1/16" deep socket to remove or replace the retainer nut









    5. I have a 1/2" drive, but found that the end of the latch fit the socket perfectly.  A wrench let me loosen and tighten the retaining nut.

    5. Loosening/Tightening the Retaining Nut on the Ultralight Handle









    6. The retaining plate, nicely milled from 3/32 aluminum.  It has some hardness specification too, but I don't know what it is.  It's pretty hard stuff.   I held it up against the bunk door and marked the hole locations, then drilled pilot holes.

    6. The reinforcing plate shaped, drilled, filed








    More tomorrow....

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