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  • Lilium Air Taxi Stalled?

    Posted on February 10th, 2021 admin No comments

    Lilium GmbH is a German company working on an electric VTOL air taxi, starting with a two-seat prototype and working towards five- and seven-seat production models. The canard-wing craft, which the company calls “Lilium Jet”, uses 36 ducted fans for both lift and–when the wing rotates–for thrust.

    The Lilium Jet in flight. Image: Lilium GmbH. Used with permission.

    I think Lilium has a lot going for it — innovative concept, attractive design, talented staff, impressive funding, solid partnerships, a design award…. I’ve been waiting for a possible IPO, with an interest in owning a few shares.

    An article today by Forbes, based largely on comments from previous employees, is critical of Lilium and its operations, even as that potential public offering approaches. Is this just FUD to drive the opening price down? Is somebody already planning a Tesla-style short campaign?…/10/lilium-evtol-spac-air-taxi/…

    Indeed, it seems that Lilium GmbH has been stalled since their five-seat unmanned prototype flight video of Oct. 2019. The only media releases from the company since then have concerned new hires and business partnerships, with a lot of hype about vertiports. There has been no information from them at all about flight tests, tech innovations, or progress on building the second factory in Munich. The company website does not even contain a story about the Feb. 2020 fire.

    Lilium vertiport (artist conception) Image: Lilium GmbH. Used with permission.

    Yes, the pandemic may have restricted the assembly of design teams, construction crews, production staff, or flight test crews; but that’s no reason for progress to halt or for the flow of information to dry up completely.

    Is Lilium in a tip-stall and ready to crash?


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    • Lilium has a Facebook page ( that has occasional posts by the company, roughly twice a month.

      In one reply to a post, Lilium pointed to its flight test video at

      Here’s my comment (which I expect to be removed when Lilium eventually gets around to checking their page):

      Lilium, that video is from Oct. 2019, about SIXTEEN MONTHS AGO. Surely you’ve got more than that?
      Did the Feb 2020 fire do more damage than you’ve admitted? Has most of your staff died from covid-19? Have you somehow burned through your last round of funding? Have Daniel Wiegand, Sebastian Born, Patrick Nathen and Matthias Meiner absconded with the funds and gone into hiding in Venezuela?
      The total lack of information from your company leaves room for all manner of interesting and fun speculation!

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