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  • Kodama Trinus 3D Printer LCD Holder Mod

    Posted on October 14th, 2017 admin No comments

    After I installed the bed leveling platform for my Kodama Trinus 3D printer, I discovered that when the Y-axis ran to 125 mm, it knocked the LCD screen off of its anchor on axis bed.  The adjustment screws stick down and hit the LCD mount.   Every time.

    3D Printed solutions to the Problem

    Probably the best long-range solution would be to redesign the holder with longer arms so it would stick out further.  The next step would be to print it at a cost of several meters of filament (no big deal) and another several hours of design and print time (big deal!).

    Another published solution is to print an extension such as this one by John Sanford aka drofnas.   No design time, but more filament and print time.

    Think Simple - No 3D Printing Required

    In the end, I chose a far quicker and simpler solution.    I noticed that the "arms" of the mount sat squarely on the metal bed of the Trinus with the bottom of the mount sitting on the desk; it was low enough that the knurled adjustment knobs of the levelling bed passed over top.

    I simply used a hobby saw and a flat file to cut notches into the arms:20171014_151158

    I might have taken them a bit further back, but it didn't seem necessary.  Those few millimeters were enough to snap onto the Trinus base and hold the LCD firmly.


    A simple and IMO rather elegant solution that took only minutes to do.



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