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  • Arkel Handlebar Bag

    Posted on October 11th, 2017 admin No comments

    Woot!   I just got a terrific deal on a large Arkel (pronounced Ar-kel’) handlebar bag.   $159.99 for only $29.99 plus tax.


    The note said "Not in Inv".

    The note said “Not in Inv”.

    I had ordered online from United Cycle in Edmonton an Axiom Randonée 10 handlebar bag that was on sale ($109.99 marked down to $29.99).  It was out of stock and they had this one Arkel bag that they offered me at the same price.

    Arkel handlebar bags are made in Quebec.  They are waterproof, made of tough cordura (each bag comes with a sample with a cut in it, and a challenge to tear it.  You can't.) with an aluminum and heavy plastic frame.

    Old Arkel large bag, circa 2014

    Old Arkel large bag, circa 2014.  The sewn-on label and reflective bar along the bottom serve to date the bag.

    They're a bit heavy, but rock solid, and don't distort under load.  They have a sturdy aluminum clip-on mounting system that stands up to a full bag and doesn't slip under road vibration.

    The bag mounts are adjustable aluminum, firmly bolted to the internal frame.

    The bag mounts are adjustable aluminum, firmly bolted to the internal frame.  A quick-release spring locks into place.

    This particular bag is old stock and I think they had it lying around and wanted to clear it out.  So I said, sure, I'll take it, provided it includes the mounting hardware.


    In fact, it actually included TWO sets of mounting hardware.  That second set of mounts is worth another $27 plus $8 shipping plus tax.

    It's missing a removable map case (that might still turn up somewhere at United Cycle) but that's no big deal.  A large zip-lock bag will do the same job.

    SO.... for my $29.99 plus tax (plus the gas and time to drive in and pick it up), I got a $160 bag plus $35 worth of mounts.  Almost $200 worth of bike gear for just over 30 bucks.

    I should always be so lucky!

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