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  • Snow Cycling on Leduc Multiway

    Posted on April 15th, 2017 admin No comments


    My friends Brian and Teresa at Circuit Cycle and Sports in Millet have organized an exciting schedule of rides for this spring and summer.  Today’s ride, the first of the season, was rescheduled because of weather (temp -2C, 5 cm of snow) but I went anyway.  And hey, it wasn't that bad.

    From our front porch Friday morning

    From our front porch Friday morning

    I'm training for the Leduc-Camrose MS Ride, and just generally trying to get back into shape, so I've made a point of walking for 30 minutes and cycling for at least 30 minutes each day.  Why let a little snow stop me?

    Yesterday I was on the streets, getting splashed by passing cars.  I wore five light layers and was comfy, having to unzip at the neck a couple of times when I was working hard.    Today, being lazy, I wore a mock turtleneck, a zippered hoodie, and my winter parka.  And oy, was I warm! By the time I got home both parka and hoodie were unzipped to my navel and I was pretty soggy with perspiration.

    At the trailhead.  Leduc Common in background.

    At the trailhead. Leduc Common in background.

    I  first took out the off-road bike (Rockhopper), but before leaving the yard I switched to the Peugeot, my town bike, because it has fenders and wouldn't splash up onto my clothes.  Unfortunately, it also has  2.5" tires with a street tread.   Slip sliding away!

    There was nobody at the trail head (I was a little late; they may have come and left), so I took a selfie, trying to catch Leduc Common in the background, then set off.  Parts of the multiway were plowed, making my ride easier and drier.  But the unplowed parts were a bugger!  Over 5 cm of wet, sticky snow to plow through.  Often with a headwind to boot!

    Parts (but not all) of the multiway were plowed

    Parts (but not all) of the multiway were plowed

    Rather than follow the scheduled twelve-kilometer route, I just rode my 30 minutes and pulled in to home.    In some ways, it was harder than yesterday's ride because of slogging through the snow.  At one point, my front derailleur was so clogged with mud and snow that I couldn't downshift to go up and over a railway crossing.  Darned near had to hoof it, but did manage to bull through and didn't skid out.

    All in all, it was a decent ride.  Being on the multiway meant I wasn't on the road being splashed by passing cars.  It wasn't that cold.  I could have dressed a bit more sensibly, but  sweaty  is good, right?  It means I was working and burning calories.  Normally I'd avoid getting that damp in the winter due to the risk of hypothermia, but for a short ride close to home, I wasn't worried.

    You may be thinking, "Idiot could have dismounted and walked through the snow-covered parts."    Sure I could.  But that would have felt like cheating.

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