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  • 101Hero Hacks: Cooling Fan Extended

    Posted on January 26th, 2017 admin No comments

    The 101Hero printer is basically –especially in its early release versions — a toy for those who like to tinker.   Its low cost and simplicity led hundreds of backers (perhaps even thousands) to choose it as their first 3D printer, only to discover that it had many shortcomings.

    One of the things users established early on is the need for some kind of fan system for cooling the print.   The earliest and simplest method was to set a small fan onto the work surface.   A second version was to add small CPU fans to the print bed.   Our third try was to add a cooling fan to the print head, as is the case with larger delta printers or cartesian printers.

    The First Head-Mounted Fan

    My first try at a head-mounted fan was moderately successful, but not quite as good as I had hoped.   The fan did work to cool the layer just laid down.   However, it was unidirectional, blowing only from one side. I felt that it could be improved by changing the vent into a ring that surrounded the nozzle to blow down onto the print from all directions.   This is a design that is commonly used on other printers, and many examples can be found on Thingiverse and other download print sites.

    Ring around the Nozzle

    My first thought was to find such an example, and modify it.  For example, here's a nice ring I remade from Thingiverse.  It's based on no particular Thing as the ring is part of numerous remakes; 1995668 is pretty close.  Using the free 123D Design software, I scaled it down to 3 mm high so it would fit under the 101Hero's print head, and edited it to fit my duct.   However, I was never satisfied with any print of this ring that I was able to make on the 101Hero.

    A cooling ring with vent holes

    A cooling ring with vent holes

    Ironically enough, I may be able to print it with the present version of the head-mount fan!  I'll have to revisit this project when I get back from vacation in April.

    Extending the Groove

    My second attempt was to make a simpler version of  the above in 123D Design.  The ring is basically a torus turned to a shell, with holes drilled at an angle.  This project turned out to be beyond my design skills at the present.  Besides, it's already been done in the nice photo above.

    The third idea was to just extend the downard-pointing groove at the end of my present model, to create a kind of circular groove.  Of the several ways I could think of to do this in 123D I probably chose the most difficult.  I managed to combine concentric cones to get the result I needed:

    A ring with a groove pointing down

    A ring with a groove pointing down

    I redid this from scratch to fix some failings in the first versions, such as smoothing the interior walls considerably.  Initial tests showed that the groove was too wide, making it only slightly more efficient than the previous straight version.     Which led to this iteration:

    Narrower groove with center diverter

    Narrower groove with center diverter

    You can see that the groove is narrower, and I've added a diverter in the center to direct the air more around the sides.  Had to leave on holiday before I was able to print this, but I've put the file up so other users can test it out for me.  If you make one please let me know in the comments on this post.

    And today, I found Thingiverse 6173 which is remarkably similar in approach.   I could probably have hacked that Thing and saved myself a lot of work.  But I did learn a lot about design and using 123D, so the time was in no way wasted!

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