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  • RV Park Superpages Far From Super

    Posted on April 17th, 2011 admin 16 comments

    I surfed into something called RV Park Superguide, "The quickest, easiest way to search, browse, and reserve North America's most popular RV parks INSTANTLY!"

    I'm not going to give the link, because IMO it's not worth much, and I'll explain why in a bit.

    There's a lot of hype on the page.  Access over 17,000 campgrounds. Search for RV parks anywhere and everywhere [in North America, we assume].  Find RV parks with the amenities you want.  Access maps, weather, campground descriptions. Special page to store favorite parks.  Sounds okay...

    California Resort Shown in Alabama

    If you click on the "Give me free access" control, the next page is a hard sell page that has the look I associate with scam sites.  Forget free -- pay this and that and the other.  Premium features.  Half-price camping.  And I bet that if you reach this page, it's limited to the next  250 43 subscribers!

    But bypass the huge graphics for Silver Access ($67) or Gold Access ($97) and watch for the tiny print that says "No thanks, Andrea, I just want access to the free directory".  Andrea is the marketing robot, I guess.

    So here's what you get:  Something called RV Park Superpages with search fields for state/province, city, and campground name.   I tried it on a few favorite campgrounds and I'm not impressed.  It missed a major well-known local RV resort (Glowing Embers near Edmonton, Alberta) but no campground guide can catch them all.  The real bugbear was that regardless of location or number of resorts a search turned up, the maps all showed a single campground in the Talladega National Forest in Alabama!

    Might be worth something if you stay in campgrounds a lot, but I'm sure glad I didn't pay for the search service.

    Oh, I also got an automated email from Andrea chiding me for not buying a premium package "like most people do."  I expect that until I "block sender" I'll be getting a lot of emails urging me to buy.


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    • I was excited about camping in our new trailer and fell for the pay and you can get a refund within 30 days if you don’t like it. Emailed after I reviewed the site and realized I could not use the product very much. I asked for a refund and They responded quickly telling me that I could just “delay” my start date for the $97 4 year membership till a later date. When I wrote back and said retirement was at least 10 years away and I would rather just get my money back – I have not received an answer to any of the 6 emails sent nor have I received an “official” membership card – just the temporary one printed from the original email. I have been trying to get a response since June and have reported to the BBB. Found a phone number once and you can’t even leave a message, it refers you to the website to leave an email which they don’t respond to. DON’T send these guys any money!!!!

    • I got scammed by them also. I must wait for 30 days before I can dispute the charge on my credit card. In the meantime, I filed a complaint with the FBI internet crime website – Please do the same and save a bunch of fellow RVers some grief! Thanks, Alice

    • you know, i usually always do my research but for some reason i guess maybe because the website looked so professional i did not…to my regret!. this company is total scam. the campgrounds that are on their list where you can get their discount do not even recognize them and will most certainly not give you a discount. the e-mail for customer support is not even legit. please be warned!

    • Very good info on RV park super guide.Saved me from losing my money. Great info.

    • Sometimes an ad for this outfit (or a clone) appears on my pages or even beside this very article. My apologies. I have no control over what adds Google places on my pages.

      Click the ad if you want to see what all fuss is about, but read this article and comments before you commit to anything more than a curious glance.

    • Thanks for your comment, Tracy

      Here are some ideas for directories

      • Woodall Publishing offers an annual North American Camping Directory that is quite useful and popular. It costs $25 but is often on sale for $14.95.
      • Good Sam’s Trailer Life magazine also offers an annual campground guide.
      • Good Sam has wangled a merger between Trailer Life and Woodalls to create a “superdirectory” that will be available in 2013 from Good Sam
      • AAA members can obtain free campground guides for various regions from most local AAA office.

      Hope that helps you.

    • Thank-You all for saving me from makeing a mistake of buying this membership,i am a new rv er and am not familar with locatios of campsites is there a directory anyone can recomend? tx tracy from Oregon

    • Thank you all so much for SAVING ME from this horrible SCAM!! I almost bought it. I would have used my CREDIT CARD too, not something you want to give such unscrupulous people, right? BUT, if you all did pay with a Credit card, and if it is not too late, your CC company may be your ticket to canceling the charge and getting your money back. I am sorry it is probably too late for some, but maybe others will also be saved.

    • Jeez! Why don’t folks research a little before falling into ratholes like this? GOOGLE is you friend……….. The tip-off is always the pressure to “DO IT RIGHT NOW” because you will not have another opportunity once you leave this page! Yeah, right! DUH

    • Thanks all you folks!

      As well, I almost got reeled in and it’s great that these kinds of sites exist to help you.
      Thanks again.

    • Thank you all for your comments on the RV Park Guide Superpages. I was being reeled in but thought I would see what some “professional” RV’ers thought. Thanks CCZ

    • trying to cancel this $77 expense/membership purchased 10/4/11…….sending emails with no response….no product delivered and appears to be a complete rip…now looking for a physical mailing address fro this outfit operating under Covenant Publishing…

      any help would be great…Thanks

    • I have been trying to get a refund since July from RV Park Superguide. I continue to get stonewalled. I have filed a BBB complaint to see if they will respond.

      Please call them at (202) 459-4696 and request that they honor their guarantee and issue the refund to Mr. Buenger (Binger),
      Order ID # 180157346 and
      Order ID: 180157221.


    • The following is a rough-draft copy of the e-mail I’m sending, tho it’s not exactly what he asked for per phone earlier today:


      This morning I called you and stated that I don’t think this plan will work for us. You asked why, and I told you. After making six calls and talking to five different campground offices, all of whom told me they had never heard of this plan, could not honor such a (membership?) card, I don’t think it is valid, and I need my money back before the 30 days.
      You instructed me to again call, get certain information from them, then you began to berate them, idicating that those I talked to must be something like work-kampers who come into a campground, agree to clean toilets, etc., in exchange for free campsite. So far as I can determine, in every campground we stay in several times a month those who work in those offices probably do clean toilets. They also answer the phone, check people in, check people out, address problems or potential problems that can happen at any time people get involved in something. They oversee keeping of the grounds, and just try to keep their customers happy. In most every they are either the owners or hired managers of the campground. They receive pay for this, and are not by general accepted terms ‘volunteers’, tho they may feel they are after a few evenings working overtime (beyond their regular office hours).
      Before I do decide to call these campgrounds (as you instructed me to do), I need a written-out list of the things you told me to ascertain of them, and I also need a copy of the warnings or threats you listed for me to tell them….something about that you had contracted with them, and that they would be contacted by your attorneys soon….blah-blah-blah….. They and others may find that very interesting!
      I’ve alerted my credit card customer service on this issue, depending on how timely you are in following up on the words in your advertisement….receiving notice my money is back in my account. In case you’ve forgotten, your online advertisement stated: “I also understand I will receive a full 30 day money back guarantee if I’m not delighted.” Eleven lines later “30 Day Money Back Guarantee!”…..
      Not Delighted,
      (My Name)

    • Thanks for your comment, John. Hope you get your money back.

      I’m still getting email from “Andrea” asking me why I haven’t purchased the premium package like “Everyone else”. Ha!

      Guess it’s time to shut her up by blocking the address.

    • I fell for it forgetting that I had Passport America. When I got an e-mail verifying my membership and a printable membership card, that was it. You have to print out the part of the guide you want to use. It looks like they have copied the Passport America list Pure fraud!!

      Am going to ask for a refund. Wish me luck.

      Go to IRV2 and check the complaints listed there.

      Long John

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