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  • 101Hero: Reversed Prints

    Posted on December 21st, 2016 admin 5 comments

    When I got my 101Hero, I assembled it according to the directions... but all my prints were backwards!

    The three pylons were identical, except that one had a much longer wire from the limit switch.  There is no mention of this in the instruction booklet so I assumed it was just a change made mid-production, where somebody realized that money could be saved by making the wires shorter.  So I figured it didn't matter what pylon went where, and the instructions didn't say anything on the matter.  As it turned out, maybe it did.

    Connecting the wiring to the controller seemed straightforward.  On page 7 of the instruction booklet was a nice diagram of Step 3 Connect the Controller.   Each wire was labelled with a letter, and the diagram showed where each plug should go.  One plug appeared to have read "C" but was over-written by hand to read "J".   I also noted which connections were to the print head.

    Connection diagram in the instruction booklet

    Connection diagram in the instruction booklet

    I connected the wires as per the diagram, and went on to have some terrible prints.

    Eventually, I got things sorted out.  One of my test prints was an XYZ calibration cube from Thingiverse.  It printed nicely, if with a few holes on the top where fill didn't quite reach the walls (since adjusted by increasing the Infill Overlap).  It was only some time later that I noticed that the "Z" on the top of the cube was printed backwards.  Since "X" and "Y" are symmetrical, they looked just fine.

    ZYX Cube.  Note the Z inverted on the top.

    ZYX Cube. Note the Z inverted on the top.

    I continued to tune the printer and refine settings, and eventually I got a really nice Benchy in silver PLA.  On the bottom of the boat it is supposed to say "CT3Dxyz" to show whether you've got the first layer "squished on" properly.  On my Benchy, these letters were a mirror image.

    This is a common enough situation with delta printers, apparently, and the solution is to reverse two of the leads from the stepper motors and the corresponding limit switches.   So I interchanged A with C, and H with J.  This should swap the X and Y axes.  I noted the change in the instruction diagram, and also ran a strip of label tape to remind myself of the change for the next time I'm hacking the controller.

    Controller connection labels

    Controller connection labels

    Time for another XYZ calibration cube to check that everything is good and proper and that I didn't screw anything up.


    ZYX and XYZ calibration cubes. First (inverted) cube on the left, revised (correct) cube on right. The SD card was nearby so I included it for scale.

    The odd thing is that for most prints, I hadn't even noticed the inversion, or if I did notice it, I didn't much care.  Does it matter if a cute little octopus waves a left or right tentacle?  It's still a cute little octopus.  The Benchy is symmetrical, so no problem.  It's only for prints where the orientation is important that this becomes critical.

    You may have got your pylons in the right order and your prints are the right way.  If you didn't and your prints are coming out backwards, it is a simple fix.



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    • Stephen DiPietro

      Thanks for sharing this solution. I was going to try this, but switched two pylons instead. This looks like a documentation and testing error built in from the factory… oh well…

      Thanks again

    • I’m having troubles with my 101 as well. It will print but the printed object is skewed to one side and looks to get worse the farther it builds it up. Any idea why this would happen?

    • Thanks a lot, I had this problem and this article helped me fix it very easily and quick. Great Job

    • Ty so much for the help! I had the same problem… fixed it with your solution. ty

    • Great Job

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