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  • Kickstarter: 101Hero 3D Printer

    Posted on November 23rd, 2016 admin No comments


    The 101Hero is the smallest and cheapest 3D printer I had seen during the summer (there are some that have since passed it).  It’s a delta printer with a tiny build volume and slow print speed.  But it was so cheap!  Even though I came in late and had to spend $104 USD on the indiegogo pre-order, plus $30 S/H, that's a third of the price of the M3DPro and a sixth of the cost of the Trinus.  Obviously, I started high and have been stepping down.


    101Hero Delta Printer

    The price and simplicity of the 101Hero attracted me.  It also attracted Angus Deveson at Maker's Muse -- I was surprised to see his name in the backers list, so I checked out his video.  He jumped in early and got it for $49 USD, smart kid.

    Yes, it's made of plastic.  Yes, it's slow.  Yes, it has a small build volume.  Yes, it uses cheap geared stepper motors.  Yes, it might be a shaky POS.  Yes to all the above.  But... but...Really?  A 3D printer for $100 USD?  Will it work?  Will it be another Peachy scandal?

    Amazingly enough, the 101Hero might even be the first printer to reach my workbench.  A batch of 2000 was shipped in October, according to the company, and today I got an email asking to confirm my order and delivery address.  The M3DPro is not scheduled to ship until next spring, which means probably next fall; and the Trinus might ship this month.

    Now, how have I managed to back three FDM (fused deposition modeling) printer campaigns?   I started with the Trinus, added the M3D Pro, and now the 101Hero.

    Guess I got a little carried away.


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