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  • Bad Credit RV Loans Tops February Articles

    Posted on March 15th, 2011 admin 1 comment

    My top ten articles for last month had some continuing favorites — it’s amazing how certain articles remain top performers month after month — but included a couple of newcomers:

    1. Bad Credit RV Loan
    2. NADA Guides – Used RV Prices on NADAguides.com
    3. Canada’s Ultralight RV Travel Trailers
    4. Types of RV Replacement Windows
    5. Pop-Up Trailers for Motorcycles & Subcompacts
    6. Efflorescence and Basement Water Damage (New for February)
    7. Canadian Teardrop Trailer Manufacturers
    8. Best Home-Built Teardrop Trailer (Caravan) Plans
    9. Popular Brands of Teardrop Travel Trailers
    10. Interstate Battery Tips for 12V Battery Charging (New For February)

    The list suggests that as spring approaches, readers are charging up the coach batteries, checking for window leaks, and watching for melt water in the basements of their homes.  Ah, spring!

  • Rules to Tow By From Hensley Manufacturing

    Posted on December 10th, 2010 admin No comments

    This nice little piece came from the Dec. 2010 issue of The Safe Towing Newsletter by Hensley Mfg.

    Thanks to Ron Estrada for sharing his thoughts and for allowing me to reprint this.

    Rules to Tow By

    I’ve come to realize in my short time on this planet that the basic rules of business, child rearing, and of life in general are all essentially the same. They are also true for the RVer. These basic rules of which I speak are the following:

    1) Never surrender. It generally takes 3 months for the average child to get the hang of life sans Pampers. It generally takes 6 months for the average RVer to remember to check the holding tank level before turning in for the night. Don't give up after one smelly accident.

    2) Don't hold grudges. In business, your biggest competitor may just become your best ally at the appropriate time. In RVing, the guy who woke you at 2am while unhooking his trailer may just provide you with a few scoops of the coffee that you forgot to pack.

    3) Maintain a sense of humor. When your six year old daughter comes downstairs and proudly announces that she's executed her first haircut...on the four year old girl who has come to visit...you can either get angry or see the humor in the situation. When your tow vehicle breaks down and you spend an entire week camped behind a northern Alberta restaurant famous for its deep fried walleye and Polka bands, you can get angry or see the humor in the situation. (By the way, be prepared for the aforementioned four year old's mother NOT to see the humor in the situation.)

    4) Expect things to go very, very wrong. If you've promised a customer delivery of a product by Friday because they're leaving for a trip on Saturday, it is almost a certainty that a rare October blizzard will hit the Midwest, UPS will choose that day to go on strike, or someone in shipping will get an emergency call from the elementary school just as she's putting in your order. If you've ordered your towing mirrors at the last possible minute, a rare October blizzard will hit the Midwest, etc., etc.

    5) Acceptable risk is part of business. But a wise businessman takes every precaution to reduce the risk. Towing an 8,000lb. trailer behind a 5,000lb. truck will always be riskier than staying home, but thanks to products like the Hensley Arrow, the rewards far outweigh the risk. It's always a joy to be in a business that is in the business of filling our customers with a sense of safety and security so that they can get the maximum enjoyment out of a lifestyle we all love.

    6) At the end of the day, know what's important. If your kid has soiled three pair of pants, you were woken at 2 am by a noisy neighbor, you're on the neighborhood mom's Most Wanted list, or you had to delay your trip a few days, remember that you still have breath in your lungs, a warm bed, and people who love you. Everything else will soon be forgotten.

  • RV Sales Increase — Especially for Small Trailers

    Posted on December 8th, 2010 admin No comments

    According to an article by Bruce Schreiner (AP, Dec. 3, 2010), "American families are ready to hitch up their trailers and tow the RV industry out of its worst stretch in nearly two decades."

    Leading the growth, says Schreiner, is the segment of less-expensive light-weight towables. This group includes pop-ups (folding trailers) and small holiday trailers such as tear-drop trailers. "Before the recession hit, towables accounted for eight out of every 10 new RV shipments. Now they make up about nine out of 10 RVs shipped to dealers."

    Still, "shipments of RVs ranging from entry-level pop-ups to spacious motor homes are expected to hit their highest level since 2007, when the economic downturn began."

    If a small towable is in your future, you may find these articles of interest:

    Pop-Up Trailers, Folding Campers, and Ultra-Light Towables

    Pop-Up Towables for Motorcycles, Subcompact Cars

    Tear Drop Trailers - The Ultimate Ultra-Light Towable?


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