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  • Fulltime Families Winner

    Posted on May 16th, 2011 admin No comments
    Fulltime Families is a web site and magazine for a niche RV market of families on the road.

    Kimberly and Chris and their four “kidlets” are living the dream of full-time RVing.  They established their site to help link other travel families for support, education, socializing, and problem-solving.FTF Logo The site continues to grow in response to recognized needs particular to families living in the RV.

    I've subscribed to Kimberly's excellent magazine from the beginning, and it's always a good read even if our family isn't full-time.

    It was a nice surprise to receive this email from Kimberly:  "Congratulations to Tom Gray, who found the "Happy Camper" hidden in our April Issue.  He won a Rand McNally Boredom Busters Gift Pack!"

    Thanks, lass.  I look forward to receiving it, and to future issues of FtF Magazine.
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