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  • Full Time Families – Online Magazine for RVers

    Posted on January 7th, 2011 admin No comments

    The new Full Time Families magazine is aimed especially at full-time RVers but is of interest to any in the RVing community.

    If you travel by motor home, trailer, caravan, or camper, please subscribe. It's free, and the monthly eMagazine is well-done, full of recipes, family activities, events, and more.

    And if you'd be so kind as to include my name (Thomas Alan Gray) in the comments section of the subscription form, I have a chance to win a nice prize: a one-year membership in the Harvest Hosts program. This program invites RVers to stay overnight free at working vineyards and farms in the US (at present) and Canada (scheduled for 2011) .

    Thank you in advance to anyone who helps me out!


    Update August 1, 2011

    The magazine is no longer free.  A subscription membership is $15 USD.

  • Banff Bans Booze – Long Weekends Liquor-Free in Park Campgrounds

    Posted on November 29th, 2010 admin No comments

    You‘ve picked a lovely site adjacent to the river. You’ve had a wonderful day playing in the water and hiking along the shore followed by a great meal cooked over the campfire. You’ve just tucked the kids into bed and are relaxing beside the fire, chatting quietly and planning tomorrow's activities. A rig pulls in down the road...


    Far too many times, drunken idiots have spoiled a camping weekend. Loud, obnoxious, and inconsiderate party animals do not belong in family campgrounds. What do you do about them?

    I approach them quietly and politely point out that we're in the next campsite and that my wife and/or the kids are tired and need to sleep. If that doesn't work, I go to the campground supervisor/host/manager. If that doesn't work, I call the local police.

    • A few, but only a very few, do respond to a polite request to tone it down.
    • Most just tell me to f*** off and carry on.
    • Appeals to the campground management are generally not helpful for the same reason; the a**holes ignore the campground host or manager, or are quiet only until the manager is out of earshot.
    • Occasionally, the RCMP have kindly responded by evicting the offenders (Usually at 02:00 after two previous warnings. Why do they bother with the warnings? It just wastes time.)
    • If nothing else works, as on two occasions, we've packed up and moved and demanded our money back because the campground operators¬† are not enforcing their own regulations.

    That's why I was pleased to see an item in the Banff Crag and Canyon reporting that the Banff National Park would continue its trial liquor control for long-weekends, to help ensure family-friendly camping.

    As I see it, the problem is not liquor. It's the behaviour of the drinkers. I enjoy a glass of wine with meals and the occasional beer or highball, and you're welcome to indulge too. As long as you are courteous and respectful of others, tipple on.

    Unfortunately, the noisy obnoxious drunkards don't give a hoot about anybody but themselves. If the best solution is to ban the booze, I'll gladly forego a drink or two for a good night's sleep and keeping the grandkids safe and comfortable.

    This rant was originally published at Suite101.com, Nov 29, 2010

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